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Speleo - cave, Pix - pictures

Dr Richard Harris (Harry) is an Australian anaesthetist and prehospital physician who has spent a lifetime underwater exploring wrecks and caves. 


Behind Speleopix

Dr Richard Harris (Harry) is an anaesthetist who works in Adelaide South Australia. He has experience in diving and hyperbaric medicine, aeromedical retrieval and wilderness and hyperbaric medicine. As an exploration cave diver, he holds numerous voluntary positions in cave SAR in the Cave Divers Association of Australia, the Australian Cave Rescue Commission and the International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery Organisation (IUCRR). Harry initiated and still runs the only sump rescue training course in Australasia. He maintains a relationship with SAPOL’s Water Operations Unit to assist with cave rescue and recovery operations.

Harry is an enthusiastic underwater video and still photographer whose images have been widely published. He has worked on numerous documentaries and one feature film. He has a passion for capturing images of deep wrecks and caves that few people will ever see.

For many years Harry has been speaking around the world on technical diving, exploration and diving medicine. Following the cave rescue at Tham Luang cave in Thailand, he has been captivating audiences with the story of how the international response came together to bring the boys to safety.

Dan's Cave, Bahamas
Daxing Spring, China
Daxing Spring, China
Cocklebiddy Cave, Western Australia
Pearse Resurgence, NZ
Kilsbys Sinkhole, South Australia
Piccaninnie Ponds, South Australia
Buchan Caves, Victoria
Buchan Caves, Victoria
Iddlebiddy Cave, South Australia
Pearse Resurgence, NZ
Kija Blue SInkhole, WA