Quarantine Blues...

Six months ago I would have jumped at the chance to spend 2 weeks at home! Between work and adventuring, even a full weekend with the family was a bit of a pipe-dream. Imagine what could be achieved...the gardening, tidying the workshop, writing reports, video editing all those terabytes of expedition footage that are gathering dust.

And now it's a reality. And I don't like it, not one bit. I have gone through my jobs like a dose of salts. I could eat my dinner off the shed floor it is so clean. Reports have been written. I won't say all the footage has been edited because that is a never ending task. But it's certainly underway. But loss of freedom sits very uneasily.

But then I look at what is happening in the world and I know I am doing the right thing. Separating the virus vectors (us) is the only way to beat this thing. And over 90% of us need to do it for it to work. Finally the vaccine will be here and we will beat this but until then, we all must do our bit. Everyone is suffering financially. Everyone is nervous and feels isolated. Some businesses will not recover. But the sense of comradeship and community is awesome and I am proud to be part of the movement. Our neighbours are checking on each other. My family is in chat groups including my tech savvy in laws in their 70s. Very cool!

The health services in SA are holding their own but can be so easily overwhelmed. The last thing our emergency departments need right now is "unnecessary" presentations. Now is not the time to learn abseiling, to get up a ladder to prune the ivy from the gutter, or sadly to participate in adventure sports. Be sensible and be risk averse. I never thought I would be saying that!

So to reiterate the common wisdom:

- stay at home as much as possible. Check in on family and neighbours (virtually)

- wash your hands regularly

- use social distancing

- get your flu jab ASAP

- don't wear a mask unless YOU are sick, it does almost nothing to protect you

- stay off ladders!

I'll post some trip videos soon. In the meantime here is an image of Castleguard Cave in Canada. Minus 20 degrees on this day 2 weeks ago, and the reason I am in isolation now. But it was worth it!

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